We believe in long-term relationships and we are proud that most of our employees have been with BENTELER for an extended period of time. Almost everybody who works at BENTELER in the Czech Republic is an employee of the company. We only make very limited use of contract workers or other personnel from staffing agencies. And we are proud that most of our managerial positions have been filled with internal candidates.

We feel it is important for our employees to receive honest, constructive feedback in order to grow. All of our performance assessment programs are geared at helping employees set reasonable yet ambitious goals, so they can reach their full potential. If you commit to our future, we will commit to yours. We strengthen talent by systematically identifying high performing colleagues who will receive special trainings in our development programs.

Giving feedback is a mutual process. Our employees regularly have the chance to chat with their plant managers, ask them questions or give feedback – we call it “Coffee with your boss.”

In the past years, we have won a number of awards as Best Employer, always being in the Top 3 in our respective regions.

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