Can one idea
change a way
of thinking?

Does the career ladder
have a step for
family planning?

Can an international
career be closer
than you think?

Can mutual success
be fostered

Does the career ladder
have a step for
family planning?

Yes, at BENTELER, it is possible. To ensure that you don’t have to make any compromises in your life planning, we reconcile your career goals with your personal ones – because we are convinced that you can get the best out of yourself and your potential with a well-rounded BENTELER–life balance. We look forward to seeing you.

Career or free time? Both.

BENTELER is a family company. And it is for that very reason that we attach particular value to a healthy balance between professional and personal life. With our flexible working-hours models or teleworking from home, you can always progress professionally. But that is not all: depending on your location, this also allows you to look after your children or relatives in need of care. This not only means that it is easier to shape your personal life – it also makes an active contribution to maintaining your productivity, motivation and job satisfaction. In summary:
  • Work flexibly
  • Enjoy family life
  • Stay motivated

Well cared for: the next generation of researchers and creators.

At our Paderborn location, we even offer you a company-own day-care centre, and in many other cities we are working together more and more closely with nursery schools. We do this because we are of the opinion that only people who harmoniously combine their family and career can tap their full potential in both areas.
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