Inside BENTELER all around the world

At BENTELER we do more than just talk about chances to discover your true passion and forge your individual career path, we also make that promise possible in practical terms. Hear from some of the people who have found their niche inside BENTELER. Listen to their stories and find out why we were the right choice for them. 

Janeson Lira da Silva, Apprentice in Cimpina

Why I chose BENTELER: "Because in my private life my family is most important to me, and in my professional life I enjoy being recognized for a job well done."

Wilbert Bosch, VP in Paderborn

Why I chose BENTELER: "It’s important for me to be able to integrate my own personality into my work –this gives me a kind of professional freedom I can truly appreciate."

Katharina Aigner, Lawyer in Salzburg:

Why I chose BENTELER: "I enjoy the international aspect of my work, and here I’m in constant contact with colleagues all around the world.”

Markus Forsch, Engineer in Shreveport

Why I chose BENTELER: "I really like making things happen, and with my current assignment I have the chance to be a part of BENTELER’s expansion strategy." 

Hao Chen, Manager in Shanghai

Why I chose BENTELER: "BENTELER has given me the chance to grow and experience various different jobs as the number of plants has gone up from three to over ten in the Asia/Pacific Region.”  

Alexander Schwaiger, Legal COUNCILOR in Austria

Why I chose BENTELER: "It's very interesting to see the different processes and the different ways to solve problems.”  

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