Can one idea
change a way
of thinking?

Does the career ladder
have a step for
family planning?

Can an international
career be closer
than you think?

Can mutual success
be fostered

Can mutual success
be fostered

Yes, at BENTELER, it is possible. To make sure it stays that way, we take measures to recognise and foster people’s talents early and develop their individual strengths accordingly. That is how you get to experience personal success as part of a team in which you can be anything – above all, yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

We are looking for characters.

Innovative often also means unconventional. That is why BENTELER likes characters who are brave and follow new paths. We want you to actively involve your personality in the company and thus drive new ideas. In return, we give you every opportunity to make full use of your strengths. Are you a keen globetrotter, for example? Then you can look forward to varied and cross-departmental tasks around the world. But wherever you end up with us: your chances of promotion are good, because we prefer to fill positions of responsibility internally. This means that, at BENTELER, we not only promote mutual success – but also your own personal improvement. In summary:
  • Reveal your personality
  • Demonstrate your strengths
  • Benefit from opportunities for promotion

Not all careers are alike.

At BENTELER, the further development of employees is a top priority. We have developed a unique competency model to help us recognise interdisciplinary abilities and qualities in individual employees at an early stage. Thanks to its transparent nature, the model ensures that each individual is aware of the competencies and requirements that are relevant to their development and that a comparable evaluation of employee performance can be achieved. What’s more, you remain in constant dialogue with us throughout the entire process, keeping you informed of where you currently stand. In this way, we can initially identify personal strengths and then create the basis for individual training courses and further education opportunities – and thus ultimately help your personal career development move forward. This leads to mutual success, which is individually fostered at BENTELER.

A special programme for special employees.

BENTELER makes it happen – that is not just a promise, but also real-world corporate culture. With this in mind, we want to fill at least 80% of our management positions internally by 2020. The key to success: our internal further development programme, BENTELER Talent Circle, which gives you targeted support in reaching positions of responsibility and also contributes to your all-round development. Your support:
  • Taking on a business-relevant project as part of a team, including a presentation of results
  • Participation in training courses (e.g. leadership, business simulation, competencies)
  • Creation of a development plan focused on leadership and competencies
  • Networking events (experience exchange, talks, etc.)
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